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When I was in my twenties I went to the coast and was laying on an air mattress as the waves slowly took me away from shore. I started to relax as the waves mildly lifted me up, then down. My friend wanted to go back in but I was enjoying myself and thought I would stay out a little longer.

You can imagine my surprise when a wave pulled that mattress right out from under me.

With the tide pulling me out and now having to spend a lot of energy to stay afloat, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me.

What really irritated me was that when the waves were at their high point, I could see back to shore, and where I wanted to be. Although I seemed so close, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get there.

Had you asked me at that point in time, what price I would be willing to pay to be saved from drowning, my answer may have been “Name Your Price”.

Why would you sign up on a website? My guess is the amount of information you are willing to give depends in part on what information is required, how tired you are, and how bad you want that information.

If you are tired of surfing on line and come across what seems like that perfect house, but need more information, you would probably give out your email address, possibly even your phone number. Oh, yes, may not be your real phone number, but a phone number with the required number of digits.

Let’s look at this from another viewpoint.

The friend I had with me went back to shore and saw my raft glide right by him without me on it. He knew I was in trouble. The coasts guard was called, people were looking up and down the shore for me, or for what was left of me.

Why? We knew each other since High School. There was a friendship, an established relationship . I know given the circumstances he would have wanted to help even a stranger from drowning but our friendship created an even greater motivating desire.

If I want to build a business relationship with you, does it make sense to require all kinds of information from you when you don’t know if you want to work with me, or me with you?

The basis of our relationship will shape the process and the outcome.

If we start our relationship with mistrust, you may feel like “That real estate agent is going to hound me with phone calls. I am afraid he will pressure me to look at houses or even make an offer just because the market is hot.”. At the very least there may be no history of trust, and the thought goes through your mind “Is he telling me that because it is true, or because he thinks that is what I want to hear?”

Since the internet came on the scene, there has been a wave of companies, both real estate and online information providers that want you to “sign right up” and then let’s see if we can help you.

I have other websites that are set up that way. I have met some wonderful people. It seems like those people I built relationships with occurred in spite of the required sign up, that barrier of mistrust and asking before giving.

My leg cramps increased and the more I tried to swim against the waves the more exhausted I become. When finally my panic passed, and with some Divine Intervention, my toes would touch the sand below when the tide was out. A seal had washed up on the shore and from a distance they thought it was my dead body.

The coast guard man was shaking when I slowly walked out of the waves toward shore. He had seen this before. People enjoying the warm day but the not so warm water and currents that took all in its path out to sea, often resulting in death.

Real estate isn’t life and death but it can be emotionally draining and financially costly.

I want to build relationships based on trust, offering help only when, and if you want it.

That is why I wanted to have “No Registration Required” and give you “Information on Your Terms”.

Tom Wilser
Premiere Property Group,LLC

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Managing Broker in Washington 360-608-8003

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